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Making flexible working work for


Do you imagine having a highly motivated
and productive workforce who value their fantastic
work-life balance?


Do your staff wish they could avoid the rush hour traffic and arrive at work refreshed and invigorated instead of tired and stressed?


Do you appreciate the benefits of flexible working but struggle to get your managers fully on board with making it work?

Flexible Work Solutions is committed to promoting equality, diversity, inclusion and respect
within every workplace.

Since the 30th June 2014, the law now states anyone in full time employment
after 26 weeks of service is eligible for flexible working.

This means thousands more employees have the right to request
sabbatical breaks, staggered hours or job sharing.

Not heard of these terms?

Our packages will help you understand everything you need to know
about flexible working, how to make it work for you and how both
employees and employers can get the most out of flexible working.


Getting Serious about Workplace Dignity
and Respect

This inspirational one day event has been organised by Flexible Work Solutions Ltd in collaboration with Queen Mary University of London. Packed with practical tips and new insights, this conference will explore ways in which you can ensure that everyone in your organisation plays their part in promoting dignity at work. The focus is on ensuring that all staff are involved in driving change and taking steps to create a workplace culture of inclusivity, fairness and respect.

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Mediation and Conflict Resolution


Understanding Consent

How to be an
Active Bystander

Moving Towards a Just and
Fair Culture

The “Flexible Working Work Course”, the most accessible flexible working training programme for line managers in the UK is now available electronically to assist organisations in dealing with the new right to request flexible working legislation in the UK, which now apply to all employees with at least 26 weeks’ service.

Our other courses are:

Equality Diversity & Inclusivity

Conducting Investigations At Work
Cultural Diversity
Equality Act 2010 Made Simple
Equality And Diversity Made Easy
Managing Conflict
Making Flexible Working Work (For Managers)
Recruitment And Selection Essentials
Understanding Unconscious Bias
Valuing Everyone

Conflict Resolution/Dignity At Work

Conducting Investigations At Work
Introduction To Mediation
Resolving Conflict
Training For Harassment Advisers/Dignity At Work Contacts
Workplace Bullying And Harassment – What It Is And How To Deal With It

Communication Skills

Being Confident
How To Be Assertive – Stand Your Ground And Feel Great
Presenting With Passion, Power
And Panache

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About Flexible Work Solutions

Flexible Work Solutions is a company run by Jill Scott, a leading expert in Flexible Working. Offering everything from information and advice to training sessions,
we can help you learn how best to implement flexible working into your life and
make it work for you.

Jill Scott

CEO and Head Trainer

Christien Low

IT Officer

Matthew Brazier

Marketing, Design
and Digital Officer 

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